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constitutional capitalism
productions possibilities frontier economics


Production possibilities frontier

Constitutional Capitalism is the path towards a free market economy checked by the constitutionally authorized interventions into economic activity and balanced by considerations of American Independence and Sovereignty.

The Production Possibilities Frontier (PPF) model solves the problems created by Macroeconomics & Public Finance Economics.

The Y Axis of the PPF measures the production and consumption of:

Capital Goods & Services

Consumer Goods & Services


The X Axis of the PPF measures the costs of:

General Administration

Public Goods & Services

Military Goods & Services

Social Insurance

The factors that impact the PPF are Capital Stock, Resource Availability, Technological Innovations, and the Rules of the Game.

PPf's exist for the united states, each state, and each local jurisdiction.

Vertical Federalism

measurement of national Production possibilities frontier (pdf)

measurement of state production possibilities frontiers (PDF)

measurement of local production possibilities frontiers (pdf)

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